Insulated Panels are an industry leader in high wind performance. This is why these panels were chosen to build the first new home (Katrina Cottage, St. Bernard Parrish) in New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina Disaster. These insulated panel buildings have been successfully lab tested over 200 mph and put to the test when the eye of Hurricane Charlie passed directly over three of these homes, packing winds of 155 mph. This event was widely reported in This Old House Magazine, System Building Magazine and dozens of national and international publications.

One such Insulated Panel home that survived un-scathed during Hurricane Wilma was featured in Readers Digest magazine article “The Next Big Things 25 ideas that will improve your life”. Hurricane Wilma was the most powerful hurricane to hit the continental U.S. with the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin, causing extensive damage throughout South Florida.

Insulated panel construction distills the typical 6000 piece building shell into about 100 building components that are much easier to control quality and ensure the buildings are safe in high wind events.