At Babcock Ranch, Fox Premier Builders is constructing high performance, architecturally graceful building shells, while remaining mindful of the goals of the client regarding energy operating costs and durability standards.

This is being done with Insulated Panel design, engineering and fabrication. This SIP, or Structural Insulated Panel Design has been used in over hundreds of buildings and home residences. This Insulated Panel Design is perfect for use in construction in our demanding South Florida Climate.

This Structural Panel technology successfully addresses environmental forces such as hurricanes, tropical moisture, termites, etc. Each of our homes are designed with this and many more common sense attributes to reach our objectives: beauty, safety and economy.

For design and engineering beauty and strength, resistance to tropical hurricanes and moisture and pests.

For use of non toxic building materials.

For Meeting and exceeding Nationally recognized green building standards. 


SIP Panel Features